Marathon runner raises money for BFIWD

Marathon runner Bridget Pollock has been running marathons to raise money for BFIWD. Here she is following her most recent run, looking tired and sweaty but very happy, having achieved a personal best of 2hrs 2 minutes and 53 seconds!

Brigitte photo

She’s now planning to run the Lochness Marathon in just over 2 weeks time, followed by the Jerusalem Marathon next March. 

This kind of dedication deserves support – donate to Bridget’s BFIWD fundraising page at:

BFIWD visits newly injured soldiers at Tel Hashomer Hospital


On 20 August 2014 Debbie and Morris Nizri, Annette and Frank Weinberg and Ruti Sayles had the honour and privilege to visit soldiers who have been injured in Gaza in Operation Protective Edge.

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There were 41 newly injured soldiers in the Rehabilitation Unit at the Tel Hashomer Hospital and the visit was kindly co-ordinated by Sara Zeltserman, a volunteer at Beit Halochem and herself, a member of Beit Halochem and a participant in a rehabilitation trip to the UK with war veterans some 15 years ago.

In typical Jewish style, the visitors could not go empty handed and as a result every injured soldier, as well as some family members, doctors, nurses and current serving members of the IDF were given platters of sushi to supplement the more traditional hospital food. Over 80 trays of food were distributed.

The youngest soldier visited was just 20 years old. He was in the IDF’s dog unit. The dog saved his life but he is distraught that his dog was killed in the incident. His mother is spending up to 15 hours a day at his bedside and hopefully the BFIWD group was able to offer some comfort and support to the family and hope for the future.

It is hoped that the visit conveyed to the soldiers, their families and friends, as well as to the doctors and nurses, the support of the Jewish community in the UK and the total admiration and appreciation for those who have, once again, sacrificed so much for the State of Israel and the People of Israel.

Check out our visit on the Breaking Israel News website

Update Operation Protective Edge – July 24, 2014

Since the onset of Operation Protective Edge, on the 17th day of fierce fighting in Gaza, the IDF has lost 32 of its brave combatants.  More than 160 have been wounded and are in hospitals throughout the country.  Several of them will remain with a permanent disability and will be joining the family of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization.

The ZDVO and its Beit Halochem Centres are prepared to receive the new wounded war veterans.  At this very moment our volunteers are visiting the new arrivals at the different hospitals.


Visit yesterday at Tel Hashomer Hospital accompanied by Major General Yoav Galant, Chairman of Friends of ZDVO in Israel)

Disabled Veterans with similar disabilities visit the newly wounded soldiers to comfort them.  This first encounter is so crucial.  The warm embrace and empathy is as important for the families who feel their lives have turned around and will never be the same again.  (see attached photos of one such visit yesterday at Tel Hashomer Hospital accompanied by Major General Yoav Galant, Chairman of Friends of ZDVO in Israel)

The wounded veterans, members of Beit Halochem, have come together to help.  They have been busy preparing gift packages and distributing them to all the wounded.  They do this with a sense of mission and true compassion for their brothers in arms.  Their message is: “We feel your pain; we know what you’re going through.  We’ve been there.  Look at us now, we have overcome our physical disabilities and moved on; you can win this battle, too.”

Wounded veterans, members of Beit Halochem, have  been busy preparing gift packages for the wounded.

Wounded veterans, members of Beit Halochem, have been busy preparing gift packages for the wounded.

_DSC0625Some of you may remember Dr. Asael Lubotsky.  Back in August of 2006 he was a First Lt. very severely wounded in the Second Lebanon War when his APC got a direct hit by a missile.  It’s been eight years.  He has completed his medical studies and is now a doctor.  He was one of the first to visit the Golani Brigade wounded soldiers from Gaza as they arrived at Tel Hashomer.  It was a very moving encounter which brought back some difficult memories for him.

Please see for a short write up about how Beit Halochem is hosting residents of the Cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon for a respite from the shelling.